Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being Creative is Tiring!

Normally I spread out my work day into various different areas, such as accounting, lay out, editing, post office, web site stuff, etc. There's a lot of non-creative things to do when running a business and I welcome these things because they give my brain the opportunity to shift gears and relax a bit before having to be creative again. I've been doing this task switching for so long that I'd kinda forgotten why I started doing it to begin with - being creative is tiring.

It's an obvious thing to say. How many of us have sat down and been creative hour after hour after hour? The fact that even we (who are generally all quite a creative bunch) don't do hour after hour of creative work lets us know just how tiring it is. Working on One Shot has been very tiring. It's that weird kind of exhaustion/excitement where you just keep going because you've got to much to say and do that you really want to say and do.

Today is more back to normal for me (thankfully!) and I've several tasks to catch up on. I have to start making the editing suggestion on Advanced Adventures #24: The Mouth of the Shadowvein, I have to help Suzi with Mrs. Adelaide's Soiled Doves, got to make some maps, do some accounting, and generally get the XRP house back in order have the last 4 days of craziness.

4 days. That's how long it took me to do One Shot. Almost 12k words. That's just crazy fast.

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