Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monsters on the Brain

I've been combing through the legendary creatures list at wiki as inspiration for Worlds Apart creatures. I've decided that the tone of the creatures should fit in with a decidedly non-Western European view, as I think the Fantasy Opera style is better suited to the great sailing tales of history, full of strange islands with strange creatures. I've also decided to have a "monster list" with the various creatures briefly described, but not statted out. It's a bit of a strange choice, I admit, but I want the GM to have the ability to make a creature as weak or tough as desired. I'm exchanging convenience for GM flexibility and I'll see if I catch hell about it.

Nice side effect of all this effort however, is that I've been concurrently working pretty hard on more Sorcery & Super Science! critters. I've been having fun listening to music and making up baddies.

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