Friday, July 29, 2011


Mutated Cattle (Basic)
C4 A4 S8 F6 R-3 I0 W1: Ego 8: Health 44: Fortune 20
Movement 15/132

Description & Information: These millipede/cow hybrids are common throughout the world below the shattered moon. They have a general cow-like continence excepting that they have a millipede-like mouth and dozens of legs upon each side of their 30-foot-long frame. Millisteer are generally docile and provide a great amount of “meat” in relation to the amount of food they consume. They can be ridden, but as they scare easily they are worthless when confronting any danger. They are a prime source of “leather” beneath the shattered moon.

Intrinsic Powers
• The thick hide of millisteer reduces all physical damage by 1 point per hit.
• Millisteer attack by trampling, dealing +5 bludgeoning damage and +4/ rank 4 combat condition.

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