Friday, July 22, 2011

A Magical Society: India

I spent about 6 hours yesterday at the main library at Ohio State University. Suzi was doing a day-long orientation, leaving me free to wander the bookshelves. I, of course, headed right for the Indian history section, as a large research library should have vastly more resources than what I've been able to acquire. And I was right.

The section is still comparably small, but one side of a long row of books is more on Indian history that I have seen before. The trip was very fruitful, providing me with 4 different titles that I would like to have in my personal library, but all but one are OOP and quite expensive.

One book in particular has been a break-through discovery in terms of researching for A Magical Society: India. Moosvi's The Economy of the Mughal Empire is a gold mine of useful information. It is a detailed study and analysis of the Ain-i-Akbari. This provides information on crop yields and returns, income and expenses, military numbers and expenses, along with many other things of interest for MMS:I. It is, in short, what I've been trying hard to find to help pull back the curtain on history and bring it into a gaming environment.

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