Saturday, December 11, 2010

The ZZZ Society Highlights

Every secret society below the shattered moon grants special trained powers to their devotees. These powers are gained through careful study of the tenants of the society, or through directly doing the bidding of those tenants. Unlike the highlights generated at character creation, most secret societies have a full 4 thresholds of esoteric knowledge, but some of the more primitive have the traditional minor or major.

The ZZZ Society
The “Triple Z” has many members, most of which are not aware of more than a few other members. The ZZZ society runs in a fault-tolerant covert cell structure designed to mitigate leaks and reduce the ability for a hostile party to climb its way back up the chain of command. The ZZZ always seeks to be covert and discrete as they provide the most impartial assessments of all the various governments and leaders as well as the status of settlements and knowledge.

ZZZ Source (Basic): You have been recruited by a ZZZ contact to provide information to ZZZ researchers. For your services, you have free access to all published ZZZ materials and a single yearly request of the society. This request can be of material aid or of information.

ZZZ Researcher (Intermediate): You receive information from sources (usually at dead drops) and do what fact checking you can to determine the quality of the information. For your services, you have 2 yearly requests of material aid or of information.

ZZZ Contact (Advanced): You often travel throughout a geographical region and recruit new sources to the ZZZ society. Optionally, you may be assigned dangerous duties to investigate information researchers have been unable to verify, but which seems important. For your services, you have 4 yearly requests of material aid or information and you draw a salary of 4,000 bv per year.

ZZZ Editor (Ultra): You are in control of editing all the information for the ZZZ society on a particular geographic location. Occasionally, you will be sent on dangerous missions that even Contacts refuse to perform. You have 12 yearly request of material aid or information and you draw a yearly salary of 12,000 bv.

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