Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Everyone needs some correction below the shattered moon. Well, except for those snooty "pure" sorcerers.

Preservative spirit (Intermediate) 15
C2 A3 S1 F4 R7 I5 W4: Ego 40: Health 20: Fortune 26
Movement 4/35

Description & Information: In its natural form, an architect appears as a spectral C60 molecule. Made flesh, it looks like a normal human, but unusually thin and stark. Architects preserve the order of the universe by making continual corrective changes and become extremely angry when disturbed in their work, focusing their corrective powers upon the errors in their fleshy vicinity. These corrections are inevitably painful for the common mutie.

Intrinsic Powers
• Architects attack by correcting genetic errors in their target. This attack is made using the architect’s Reason, as opposed to Combat. A successful hit deals +8 mental damage and renders the target unconscious unless they succeed at a rank 7 Fortitude conflict. Unconsciousness lasts for as many hours as the target has Intuition. Humans of pure genetics cannot be harmed by architects.

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