Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brainy Bison

Here's another critter found below the shattered moon. I don't know why I like this one so much, maybe because its a good mix of sublime and silly.

Brainy Bison
Mutated bison (Intermediate)
C4 A1 S7 F4 R4 I1 W1: Ego 20: Health 32: Fortune 22
Movement 20/176

Description & Information: Among the large herds of bison found on the plains lurk intelligent and powerful protectors. Brainy bison appear as normal bison, but their brain case is enlarged, making a noticeable hump just behind their horns. Brainy Bison are telepathic and keep in constant communication with each other. There are typically a dozen or so brainy bison per bison herd. Brainy bison mate with normal bison and the offspring has roughly half a chance to be brainy. It’s speculated that eventually large herds of brainy bison will roam the plains and rolling hills below the shattered moon.

Intrinsic Powers
• Brainy bison can telepathically communicate with any creature it can see. After communicating on a regular basis for months, the bison can “locate” the creature when it is out of sight and communicate up to distances of 10 miles.
• Brainy bison may attack with a powerful charge and trample, dealing +9 bludgeoning damage and a +3/ rank 10 combat condition. They need at least 40 feet of charging to perform this attack.
• When not charging brainy bison may attack with a horn butt, dealing +5 piercing damage and a +4/ rank 6 combat condition.

Limited Use Powers
• Ego Assault (2 per day): A brainy bison can assault the very ego of any creature within its telepathic communication range. Such assaults always hit, dealing 10 Ego damage. Additionally, the victim needs to succeed on a rank 6 Willpower conflict or fall into a coma lasting 1-100 minutes. A target behind a force shield is somewhat protected from this attack, taking only 5 Ego damage and having no chance of a coma.

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