Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Valley of the Mage

A nod and a wink, if you know what I mean...

94. The Valley of the Mage
Wizard State: The Mage
GTSL: 4750

The Valley of the Mage is a small kingdom, no more than 15 miles in length, but it plays a very important role to all The North-Central States, for much of the trade that enters the north comes up via the Mississippi River. The Mage forces all ships from the south to unload onto Mage ships which travel up the river to unload to ships waiting along the northern border of The Valley of the Mage. The Mage has transport contracts with the major trading companies doing this trade and he (or she for that matter - we don’t know) takes a small cut from the goods as taxation. Many have tried to bypass The Valley by forming caravans traveling beyond its southern boundary in The Midcoast Madness, but all have failed utterly.

The most unusual thing about The Valley of the Mage is that it is populated entirely by elves. Yes, the pointy-eared 5-foot-tall elves of legend. All other muties are killed for entering The Valley if they go beyond the loading and unloading zones. As such, we know almost nothing about the territory within. If you’re just “passing through” you can pay an escort fee and a group of elves will blindfold you and lead you to your destination.

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