Friday, April 15, 2011

Wauconda Lutheran Hospital

Another excerpt from The Vulture Men of Waukegan. This one's particularly creepy, IMO.

Wauconda Lutheran Hospital
Wauconda Lutheran hospital had little to distinguish itself from the thousands of other hospitals throughout North America. It was a small hospital serving the local populace with emergency and planned care. What sets it apart now is the remarkable shape it is in compared with the ruins surrounding it. It’s almost as if time has forgotten about the hospital, such is the state of repair.

And that is exactly what’s happened. Wauconda Lutheran exists outside the normal timeline, and although the building can be entered by anyone at anytime, nothing within can be moved or damaged in any way. However, the hospital moves closer to the world below the shattered moon during a few nights every year. While these brief visitations last, the hospital glares with bright lights, and normal humans flow in and out of the building only to disappear a few feet away from the exits. Normal muties can enter the hospital during this period, but it is as if they have become ghosts, unable to draw any attention or interact with objects. No harm can come to them during this period of time confusion.

Sorcerers, on the other hand, are in great danger when visiting Wauconda Lutheran during these periods. Fifteen minutes before the hospital begins to fade away back into its normal state, sorcerers glow with a bright light and begin feeling an extreme sense of fear and nervousness. After 5 minutes in this state, the glow is so bright that all spirits within 5 miles are drawn to the light, arriving 5 minutes later. If this happens, havoc is let loose, for the hospital is jerked out of time and immediately returns to its normal state, but all the drawn spirits are now made flesh.

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