Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blacktop Snail

 The idea of this creature pleases me to no end. I think its because I imagine Gary the Snail in the role... :)

Blacktop Snail
Mutated garden snail (Basic)
C4 A-2 S8 F12 R-4 I-4 W2: Ego 4: Health 44: Fortune 16
Movement 1/9

Description & Information: These gigantic snails often reach 12 feet in height and weigh several tons. Their brown and gray shells are several inches thick and damn near impenetrable by anything other than heavy guns or armor piercing rounds. Blacktop snails are omnivorous, but survive mostly on plant matter. Blacktop snails gain their name from the thick, black slime they excrete. This black slime hardens in a few hours, turning into a resilient asphalt-like substance. In this way, blacktop snails are biological road builders and some communities keep a single snail for just such purposes. Their “roads” are about six feet wide and an inch thick.

Blacktop snails are not very aggressive when encountered in the wild and pose little threat to a mobile target. When injured, they usually retreat into their shell and wait until the danger passes. They are most active during the night and it is in this way that travelers occasionally end up on the blackstop snail menu. They are surprisingly quiet for their size.

Intrinsic Powers
• Blacktop snails move slowly and quietly, requiring a successful rank 10 sense conflict to detect them by sound.
• Immune to toxic attacks.
• Reduce all physical damage by 5 points per hit. Reduce all physical damage by 40 when hidden in shell.
• A blacktop snail deals +12 bludgeoning damage and a +4/rank 4 combat condition.

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