Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drow House Name Generation System from Vault of the Drow?

Some quick thoughts on a potential method of the generation of drow house names...

Tormtor = Torm /en/ tor
Everhate = Ever hate
Dispana = Dispa /ir/ na
Noquar = No quar /ter
Aleval = Al /l/ ev /i/ l
Kilsek = Kil /l/ se /ct
Godeep = Go deep
Eilservs = E /v/ il serv /er/ s

I think my two weakest ideas are on dispana and godeep. I think godeep is just a clever little statement about being deep in the earth coupled with a crossbow symbol as a humorous football reference. Dispana I believe to be the one that breaks the general rule of house name creation.

Thoughts? Anyone have real scholorship here *hint Grodog hint*? :)

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