Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Granger Warbot XR24

And sometimes you need a warbot...

Granger Warbot XR24
Adaptive Robot (Ultra)
C25 A12 S18 F20 R10 I4 W8: Ego 84: Health 150: Fortune 97
Movement 40/352
Components: (A) 10, 15, 20, 20, 20; (U) 2, 4, 5, 5; solar cell (U) 5, bio-mass cell (U) 1.

Description & Information: A minor warbot, but one very common in the wars at the end of the 21st century, the XR24 is roughly twice the proportions of a normal human male. It has full manipulative ability, possessing hands like a human. The XR24 is designed for infantry-replacement services. As such, it lacks the real heavy weaponry of the true warbots, but it is still far from a pushover when it comes to firepower and is armored strongly enough to ignore light arms.

XR24s have two .50 caliber machine guns, one mounted on the shoulder/upper arm area on each side of the chassis. On the back of the robot is an armored ammo storage area that looks like a large backpack containing 2,750 specially-designed armor piercing rounds. Unlike normal .50 caliber ammo, the XR24 .50 caliber ammo ignores 25 points of armor instead of the normal 20. The XR24 can use normal .50 caliber ammo as well as its special ammo.

Besides the ammo supply, the armored backpack also contains the solar cell array of the warbot. It is normally retracted when facing potential enemies. The XR24 additionally features one of the first bio-mass cell power sources ever produced. Its rather voracious appetite earned it the nickname “Granger Locust” from the mobile infantry units it first supported.

Intrinsic Powers
• XR24s have incredibly good senses and possess a +4 to sense conflicts. In addition, they have a +1 to extraordinary sense conflicts. They can see twice as well as a human in the day and 10x better at night, effectively possessing full night-vision.
• Regenerate 10 additional Health per day. They also regenerate from any permanent injuries in a week’s time. Both require access to suitable food : grasses or wood.
• Reduce all damage (except ego) by 30 points per hit.
• Powerful hand-to-hand combatants, their punches deal +12 bludgeoning damage per hit and +4/ rank 8 combat condition.
• The XR24 can make two .50 caliber attacks on two separate targets per turn, dealing +16 to damage, +4/ rank 10 piercing in single-shot mode. At normal firing speed of 30 rounds per turn an XR24 deals +28 to damage and a +4/ rank 12 piercing combat condition. At burst speed (100 rounds per turn) it deals +40 to damage and a +4/ rank 16 piercing combat condition. Damage from the XR24’s .50 caliber machine gun ignores the first 25 points of damage resistance or armor of the target, or the first 20 points of damage resistance if normal .50 caliber ammunition is used.

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