Saturday, April 25, 2015

Malevolent & Benign PDF for only $3!

OK folks, I'm running a deep (85% off) sale on the PDF of Malevolent and Benign. It's an OSR monster book (for OSRIC) that contains over 150 critters suitable for pretty much any campaign. For ease of use, I also put in 4 appendices: A for 6 new magic items associated with some new critters; B for a list of monsters by level, C for a list of monsters by rarity, and D for a list of monsters by terrain type. This will make fleshing out your custom encounter tables a breeze.

Did I mention it's got a cool Peter Mullen cover featuring nine of the critters (including two of my favs, the skyshark and the canopy kraken) contained within? All in all it's a great book, in my unsurprising opinion, and now's the time to pick it up. The sale ends May 1st, 2015.

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