Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Unique Inhabitants of The Goremont Grim

The Harvester of Eyes: This terrible ogre mage collects eyeballs that float in the air about him, hooked upon dozens of magical gold chains emanating from his body. The Harvester of Eyes cannot be surprised, possess true sight, is of triple normal HD, deals double normal damage, and casts as a 12th-level magic user. The Harvester of Eyes flees if attacked via thrown powdered hot peppers.

The "Hornswoop me Bungo" Pony: Occasionally, walkers encounter a lone pony in the Grim. These ponies bear food and water for 10 people for 10 days, but more importantly each bears a small ornamental tin with the words “Hornswoop me Bungo” painted on the red lid. Within the tin, 2-8 applications of a powerful healing unguent reside. When spread upon a wound, it heals 6-24 hit points of damage, cures disease, cures blindness, and instantly regrows any lost limbs.

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