Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Goremont Grim's Inhabitants

None of the native inhabitants of The Goremont Grim are natural, living creatures. They are all echo constructions created by the Grim from the memories and experiences of the real creatures that have passed through it. The only real creatures in the Grim are adventurers or the odd creature trapped within that cannot find, or chooses to not find, escape.

Although the inhabitants of the grim are not real, they seem absolutely real to all but the most knowledgeable. The main difference between an echo construction and a real creature is that echo constructions are not required to eat, drink, or sleep, but they do tend to enter quiescent periods where they stand in place dumbly, as if the consciousness that animates them is temporarily absent. Sages speculate that this behavior indicates the Grim poorly understands the concept of sleep and dreaming.

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