Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sully Nor Feltothraxis Have Your Best Interests At Heart

Everyone walks through the dungeon thinking turn right or turn left, but Friends, there's another way: the middle road. This path is the one most-traveled, but least represented. It is composed of right-minded and sensible dungeon dwellers. It is the road for the gibbering and greedy majority, the dangerous and thoughtful masses. And where does this third road lead?

To the lair of Ullduthindor! Ullduthindor is the only rational choice between two paths that most of us avoid. Vote for Ullduthindor and you'll see that with your support and hard work, we can move forward and focus on turning your copper into silver, your silver into gold, and your gold into platinum! Ullduthindor for prosperity! Vote Ullduthindor for your Dragon's Name!

So go out today, Friends, and show that neither Sully nor Feltothraxis are the proper dragons to represent your interests!

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