Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1e Game Update

We played the first session on Friday and much fun was had by all, and several surprises. I've decided to go very random in terms of encounters and treasure and try to figure out the story of what's going on based upon that creative force. Highlights of the 1st session:

- The elf F/T/MU got the drop on an ogre that was sitting in the road eating a mite and managed to roll maximum damage on a backstab. The other players were surprised to see an ogre's head rolling down the hill after watching the elf sneak off.

- A magic pool that had a 4-in-6 chance of resulting in something good when drinking actually resulted in something bad for 3 of the 4 players. Losing 1 hp really hurts at 1st level, especially when one's a magic user.

- The players came near death several times, but managed to pull it off. The smart use of hirelings saved their bacon when 11 zombies rushed up the stairs. All three hirelings went down, but the party survived. The hirelings did as well, but they're in bad shape and still unconscious.

- The party found the big randomly-generated treasure. It was behind two secret doors, but the elf was just on fire for the game and found secret doors like a fat kid finds candy. I was a fat kid, so I know of what I speak. :)

- Holy crap it was a big treasure! Much larger than I would have done without randomness, but that's what Fate has decided was there, so we'll see how it plays out.

- The mites that tried to cleverly trap the PCs in a flaming barn failed to consider the effects that fire has upon the oxygen levels in their lair beneath the barn. The PCs finally broke in from another direction and found them all suffocated. Opps!

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