Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Filth Rat

Another critter below the shattered moon...

Filth Rat
Mutated Rat (Basic)
C0 A4 S1 F4 R0 I3 W1: Ego 16: Health 18: Fortune 13
Movement 7/62

Description & Information: Filth rats are most commonly found in the ruins of the ancients. They live in small packs of less than a dozen and are very territorial. They are around 4 feet in length (including tail) and weigh up to 50 pounds. Although they are capable of delivering a rather nasty bite, they prefer to attack from a distance, earning their name by throwing their excrement with their tail to a range of 50 feet. A filth rat colony is lead by the elder matriarch and composed mainly of male rats vying for her attention. Other females are ostracized from the colony once breeding age is achieved.

Intrinsic Powers
• Filth rats are wiry and tough creatures and reduce all physical damage received by 1 point per hit.
• Filth rats may attack with a bite, dealing +3 piercing damage and a +4/ rank 4 combat condition, but they rarely do so unless cornered.

Limited Use Powers
• Filth rats can throw their newly excreted feces at targets up to 50 feet away. This deals no damage, but forces hit targets to succeed on a rank 10 Fortitude conflict or spend the next two turns retching, capable only of self-defense. Additionally, if the conflict fails by more than 4 points, the target is diseased.

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