Monday, February 21, 2011

300 Post!

Just hit our 300th post here at Sorcery & Super Science! I've been very conscientiously trying to post often enough to let people drop by everyday (if only for a brief moment) to see if there's something of interest to them as well as to make sure that the people that drop by once a week or so have enough new and varied material to keep their interest. I think I've been successful in both accounts.

On the XRP front, just got the final art for Advanced Adventure #19: The Secret of the Callair Hills. I think it looks very good and I'm excited to get another lower-level Advanced Adventure out there. Callair Hills is for levels 3-6 and it's a pretty sandboxy affair. I think it works out nicely and in the hands of a GM willing to personalize it, I think it could be a lot of fun.

I've also been working on more character-oriented stuff for Sorcery & Super Science! I have several new whispers, highlights and powers and I'm nearing completion on Characters Below the Shattered Moon - Volume 2. Hopefully I'll get the final 1000 words done today and we'll see it out by next week.

So here's to the next 300 posts!

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