Thursday, January 11, 2018

More Arden Vul Convention Schedule Dates

I've two more convention game to add. These are for Escape from Arden Vul.

At Gary Con
Escape from Arden Vul Thur - 10:00 AM (6 hours)
Escape from Arden Vul Fri - 10:00 AM (6 hours)

Escape from Arden Vul
System: 1e/OSRIC
Players: 6-10
Levels: 4-7
Duration: 6 hours

Brief Description: Teleported into in the legendary dungeon Arden Vul, you must find a way out.

Long Description: Dammit, Lightfingers! You had one job! Of course the rings of the friendly defenders would be trapped and now you find yourself in a cramped cave somewhere deep underground. The magic mouth that taunted you as you left said “Arden Vul will be your grave!” Well, you’ll have to see about that, won’t you?

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