Saturday, April 1, 2017

Suppressing Fire for Sorcery & Super Science! 2nd Edition

Finally figured out how to simulate suppressing fire for S&SS using its modified ICONs ruleset. Pleased with this....

Suppressing Fire: A ranged attack used to pin down an opponent, forcing them to choose between staying put (losing their move) or suffering a potential attack if they decide to move. Suppressing Fire can be performed using any ranged weapon that fires every round. If your target decides to move regardless your Suppressing Fire, they’re subject to your normal attack with the suppressing weapon and they suffer a -1 on their roll.

Suppressing Fire can also be performed by groups of individuals firing weaponry with longer reload times. Groups armed with ranged weapon can use Suppressing Fire if they collectively reduce their Reload time below 1. For example, a group of two Slingers can perform Suppressing Fire (Reload Time of 1, divided by 2 Slingers = 0.5), as could a group of 4 musketeers (Reload 1 (black power) + Reload 2 (musket ball) = 3. 3 divided by 4 Musketeers = 0.75). If a target moves while under group Suppressing Fire, the person with the best attack is used to target them. In other words, the best shot of our 4 Musketeers above would roll to attack the moving target.

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