Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Magic Hoard - Two-handed Staff

And another from the hoard... 

Two-handed Staff: This staff +1 has an iron fist at each end. Upon command, the top fist flies out, allowing the wielder to attack creatures up to 60 feet away. Upon a second command, the top fist flies out and attaches itself to a non-living object not worn or carried by a living creature. A third command opens the bottom fist, creating a foot-hold, and then levitates the staff to join with the first fist attached to a non-living object. In this manner, the wielder of a two-headed staff can easily step onto the second fist and enjoy transportation to the first. The staff can carry up to 400 lbs. Experience Point Value: 1,500 G. P. Value: 9,000.

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