Monday, January 6, 2014

"Nobody does it better… than Classified." First Review of Classified!

The first review of Classified is out and I'm pleased to find it positive. I put a lot of effort into updating and streamlining the game and it's nice to see customers picking up on that effort.

The review can be found at Modus Operandi.

The long hibernation of the James Bond 007 RPG is about to end. Classified has resuscitated a great action hero system and updated it for contemporary missions. I am looking forward to seeing this game supported again and maybe expanded as well. The book already provides enough material to conduct a straight-up para-military campaign in the vein of The A Team or the The Expendables. It would be great to see Classified as the core rules for weird investigation similar to Delta Green or X-Files or adapted to an action-horror setting akin to Apocalypse Prevention Inc or Night’s Black Agents.

There are certainly plenty of options for modern action role-playing, but for me, dare I say… Nobody does it better… than Classified.

Grab your Glock and a silencer. Your country needs you.

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