Friday, September 6, 2013

Spy Music

One thing I like to do when writing/working is to listen to appropriate music for the piece I'm working on. This means for most of my fantasy stuff I listen to things like the Conan soundtrack, some Wagner, and a bunch of fantasy/occult-influenced metal.

Working on Classified has been a bit more difficult for me to find music. I picked up the compilation of the Bond theme songs (and am thinking about picking up complete soundtracks as well), and I've been listening to various "hip" 50's-60's music web radio stations, but my choice of music for spy-related stuff is much less diverse than my fantasy stuff.

Because of this I've taken to scouring the net for things to listen to and one of the gems I've found on You Tube (and which I will be purchasing shortly) is the soundtracks from the movies In Like Flint and Our Man Flint. I've seen the first movie and thought it was humorous enough, but the soundtrack, IMO, is vastly superior.

Take a listen and enjoy... (not a direct link since You Tube and blogger don't want to play well with each other right now for some reason...)

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