Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Frankfurt Map

So I've finished the "mapping" section of the map and am just beginning the "labeling" section. The map is going to have fairly sparse labeling compared to what an actual street map of Frankfurt has, because the function of the map is to show the relative location of points-of-interest in Frankfurt, not to provide a guide for a person moving about the city.

One big thing that's changed since the original game came out in 1984 is the easy availability of high-quality maps for GMs. Since these street maps exist and can be printed out for hand-out to players, I expect the city maps in Classified to work with an internet map if the players wish more detail than just description.

In 1983 good luck finding a map of Frankfurt if you lived in the US. Now you have satellite images. The role of the maps have changed and I'm hoping the customers understand this change.

Below is the work in progress.

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