Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sorcery and Super Science 4C/FASERIP Update & Preview Image

I've decided to call the 4C/FASERIP version of S&SS the 2nd Edition. So, here's a tiny preview of Sorcery & Super Science! 2nd Edition showing how I'm thinking about showing the Creatures Below the Shattered Moon. Below is the humble Horc, a common minion of foul wizards. They're none-too-bright, but they're tough and they do as they're told.

The red and green coloring has a purpose. The red background show the 4 Traits that combined provide the Life Secondary Trait of the creature, and the green background shows the 3 Traits that form the Luck Secondary Trait.

I'm fairly pleased with it so far. Underneath the stat block will be background/description of the critter and how it fits in with the world.

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