Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some Classified Info

I've been asked a few questions that I thought I should make public. I'm expecting Classified to be available (in print and PDF) in Nov of 2013. I don't have a page count yet, but it's looking to be in the 128-144 page range. I'd like to have a support adventure ready for release at the same time, but that will depend on how much work I get done. I've just commissioned the first few pieces of art and am waiting with excitement hoping that they come back in the style I'm envisioning (and I'm hoping that the rest of the world shares my vision on the style.)

In other news, I'm sick with a headache and nausea. Nausea such that even pretzels seem a "little on the wild side" right now.

Oh well, one of the downsides of being your own boss is that when work has to get done, you get to do it even when you don't feel well. The silver lining, however, is that I'm designing villains right now, so I"m sure they'll be a little "extra villain-y" than they would have been were I feeling healthy.

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