Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Big Book of Graph Paper at Lulu

I finally realized that if I ever wanted a thick hard-backed book filled with graph paper for a reasonable cost I'd have to make it myself, so I just did. I've called it (oh so creatively) The Big Book of Graph Paper and I've just put it up for sale at Lulu for only $25. Couple that with the 26DEC coupon going on right now for 40% off and you've got a pretty good bargain. It's 181 pages of .25 inch graph paper with 11 extra pages of isometric graph paper for 3D doodlings.

I kept the cover very neutral as I expect people to want to use this for their gaming, but I think it's distictive enough to allow the eye to quickly find it on a bookshelf or such. Hopefully, the graph paper spine will stick out on the shelf.


joseph browning said...

Doh! Should be ready now... ooppssss...

Anonymous said...

its there if you use the link I pasted, yours does not work - however, you can't order it as it says 'product not found' so i suspect you need to work on the links



joseph browning said...

Sorry 'bout that. I've tried to fix it again and hopefully that worked.

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