Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today I Am Unwriting and Witch Mounds Cover Preview

I've gotten in some art from John & Daisy Bingham for AA#26: The Witch Mounds and that's pretty much done, AA#27: Bitterroot Briar's art order is out, and now I'm doing a second round of editing AA#28: Redtooth Ridge. As I'm author of Redtooth Ridge, I find a second round of editing helps significantly - mostly by cutting repetitive word count - I tend to be a bit wordy.

So, today I am unwriting.

Here's the cover of The Witch Mounds... enjoy!


Welleran said...

Awesome art -- just how I pictured it!

joseph browning said...

Glad you like it. I think John and Daisy captured it well.

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