Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming Advanced Adventures

I've got a slew of upcoming Advanced Adventures starting in January of next year. If things go as planned, I'll release a new AA every month until I run out.

Here are the upcoming titles... Note that we have our first 1-3 level adventures in the line coming up.

AA26 The Witch Mounds  (3-6)
AA27 Bitteroot Briar (2-4)
AA28 Redtooth Ridge (1-3)
AA29 The Doom of Red Rauthim (7-9)
AA30 To End The Rising (1-3)
AA31 Aerie of the Cloud Giant Strategos (8-12)


grodog said...

Any written by James Boney, Joe?


jgbrowning said...

Unfortunately no. James hasn't sent any submissions my way in a while.

Unknown said...

Wow, breaking into the 30s? Fantastic!

jgbrowning said...

It's the little line of Adventures that can!

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