Friday, October 12, 2012

The Goremont Grim

Good news on the Goremont Grim front: I've decided that it will be published, but probably not for at least two to three years. I'm going to do something special for this megadungeon - hopefully something that will be "socks-knock-off" worthy. Yeah, an update without much substance, but I'm just happy to know that it's going to be published.


Ick the Ark said...

I'll start saving my pennies, then!

jgbrowning said...

Save a nickle a day and you'll have enough to buy it when it finally comes out! :-)

That is, unless I decide to bind it in SOLID GOLD!!!!!!

Pat said...

I look forward to its eventual release - man these things are a ton of work though, so you have my sympathies in addition to my anticipation

jgbrowning said...

Yeah, they're all butt-loads of work and inevitably are not the cup of tea for everyone. Hopefully I'll make a cup that more enjoy than dislike! :-)

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