Monday, August 6, 2012

Why I'm Glad My Kickstarter Failed Miserably

Just a little bit over a month ago I started the OSR Calendar Kickstarter with a goal of $7,500 (or roughly 375 backers). It's over now with a grand total of 5 backers and $130 raised.

This, I believe, qualifies as a substantial and miserable failure.

I could be disheartened as I wanted to do the calendar, but I am instead glad that this is the result. For if success was not in the cards, I'd feel much worse were we to have failed by only a few hundred dollars. This definitive failure tells me that there was *no* demand for the product. It's a crystal message from the customer-base. "Nope, we're not interested."

I also view this definitive failure as a definitive success. I think I view Kickstarter in a different way than many other creators. I have the capital to do what I want when it comes to rpg-related products. If I wanted, I could have created the calendar, printed it up, and shipped it out like any of our other publications. Many other creators have the vision and the drive, but not the capital, to do something. For someone like that, this failure would sting.

For me, it a great relief. It's a great relief because I accepted that I did not have knowledge on how the OSR Calendar would be received and I mitigated my risk by using Kickstarter as a market tester requiring only minimal effort. My failed Kickstarter saved me thousands of dollars. I did the right thing for my business.

So, although I'd rather have seen it funded, published, and enjoyed. I am *far* from disappointed in the results. A spectacular failure is always an opportunity to learn.

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