Thursday, January 5, 2012

Formula Folio

Invisibility to Animals
For the ink required to scribe a druidical invisibility to animals scroll

1 oz. of giant squid sepia
1 oz. of holly berry juice
1 oz. of catnip
A drop of skunk stink
A small piece of fresh red meat
10 oz. of spring water

In a stone container, mix the sepia, berry juice, catnip and skunk stink. In a stoppered silver container, pour mix over the red meat. Let sit in the warm sun for as many days as it takes for the meat to liquefy. Remove and let air for several days until solidified. Place in an iron container, add spring water and boil over a cedar fire until the ink congeals. Store ink in a silver container.  Makes enough ink for 4 scrolls. Any special quill is suitable.

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