Monday, January 30, 2012

Advanced Adventures #22: Stonepick Crossing for Sale!

Advanced Adventures #22: Stonepick Crossing has just arrived here at the Browning/Yee casa and it's now up for sale. It's our first OSRIC/1e adventure for levels 1-3 and the first adventure for us by Mark Morrison. I think it's a good fit with the line and should provide some fun and challenges for lower-level characters.

The tiny town of Stonepick Crossing sits on top of an old dwarven dam holding built some 500 years ago to end a long war. Recognizing the futility of direct assault, the dwarves built the dam to flood the goblin caves, flushing the foul creatures out of their caves and into the slaughter of honest combat. Now 500 years later, the dwarves have moved on and a small thorp has sprung up.

Mystery surrounds the protected town and rumors abound: locals disappearing in the middle of the night, strange noises from underneath the dam and even rumors of a monster in the lake percolate through the community. Which rumors are true and which are the ale-addled ramblings of old men fearful of their own shadows?

For the first time, we're releasing print copies at Lulu right when they become available from the Expeditious Retreat Press. We listened to what customers wanted and the print products are now available at both locations. Additionally, we have PDF products available at Your Games Now, RPGnow, and Lulu.

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