Monday, December 19, 2011

Tome of Tomes

Finally in workable condition. Lots of catching up to do.

Curses of the Pharaohs
Author: William Wisterson
Race: Human
Dimensions: 14x12x2.5
Weight: 7 lbs.
Materials: Leather-bound, woodboard, parchment
Rarity: Very rare
Fields of Study: Humankind, supernatural & unusual
Special Knowledge Categories: History, dweomercraft
Value: 525 gp

This work is invaluable to those contemplating any form of tomb-robbing, for within are dozens of different common curses as well as how to recognize a cursed area. In addition to the practical knowledge, there is much here about the dwellers of ancient Kemet and their society. Anyone reading this book and studying for at least a month gains a 10% chance to detect or notice any cursed area or cursed object associated with ancient Kemet.

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