Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 1e Players Acquire Unusual Henchmen

I've been running a 1e game now for a while and the group just turned 5th(ish) level and have just acquired some new henchmen. The group was exploring the megadungeon/dimensional portal/mega-sentient creature called the Goremont Grim that they released from eldritch bonds by accident when they found themselves looking back upon their earlier selves when they first discovered the Goremon Grim and back when it was still bound.

Their current selves were watching their old selves from behind a wall of force that rendered them invisible and unable to communicate. Of course, being the great DM that I am I totally forgot about the various magic items the party has, so when the m-u pulled out the rod of absorption* they got earlier and brought down the wall, the party was face to face with each other.

To make a long story shorter, the younger group decided to hench for the older group (all but one of them that is) so the party is in the strange situation of having themselves as henchmen.

*(This campaign I've been rolling absolutely randomly for treasure, so the party has some items that I would considered too powerful for their level, but I'm not going for that kind of game this time. The dice are Fate and we're all exploring what She has in store.)

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