Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gen Con's over and I'm Tired.

Gen Con's now in the books and Suzi and I finally made it home yesterday. As some of you know, we're moving next weekend and on the way back from the convention we stopped to pick up the keys for our new apartment. Everything was going as planned until we go to put some of our convention things (tables, racks, banners) into the basement storage area of our new place and find out that our space is occupied by a different apartment. We told the people at the desk to contact those individuals and let them know they have 5 days to move their stuff.

A minor hiccup, but a rather annoying one as I got to move all the stuff that was going into the basement into our 2nd floor apartment, just to eventually move it back down. Yay, fun. Well gotta go, have more post-con stuff to take care of.

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