Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Bottom Line: The Salt Mine series book 5 now available!

Happy New Year to everyone! We're pleased to announce that Bottom Line, the 5th book in the Salt Mine series (paranormal detective) is out and in the wild. Suzi and I have also put up preorders for # 6-9 and have plotted out stories for books out to #12.

I think they're smashing fun reads, and if you're a Kindle Unlimited reader, you can read them via that service for free. Oh, and if you pick them up and like them please leave a review: reviews are vitally important to indie authors.

Welcome to the Salt Mine, a black ops agency that monitors and manages supernatural activity from its subterranean headquarters in the deep mineral mines of Detroit, Michigan. When magic is real, someone has to keep it in check.
All eyes are on the seas around Cape Verde when an underwater lab explodes and a Russian spy ship goes down. While the 24-hour news cycle looks for mundane explanations, the Salt Mine and Ivory Tower know better. Agent David Wilson—codename Fulcrum—dives the oceans and secrets of one of Monaco’s elite families to unravel this conundrum. 
Will he get to the bottom of it before any more damage is done—both in the water and to the fabric of reality?

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