Wednesday, September 18, 2019

OSR Bundle of Holding!

Heya folks! I'm part of the Old School Revival 6 Bundle of Holding going on until Oct 7. I've contributed two Aggressive Ecologies: The Undead Leviathan and The Slaver Fungus. The Undead Leviathan is a converted-from-3e OSRIC version of something I created way back in 2006, and The Slaver Fungus is a brand new creation only available through the Bundle of Holding (until 2020).

Check it out!


Yarmis Plumis said...

Hey, I just wanted you to know I got your two ecologies in the Bundle of Holding. I was blown away by them. Both the Leviathan and Slaver Fungus were fantastic. I really appreciate the blend of science and fantasy. I don't run OSRIC but I am definitely going to be incorporating them into my game. Keep up the great work!

jgbrowning said...

Glad to hear you enjoy them!

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