Thursday, July 4, 2019

Two cool little magic items from Arden Vul

I've always like the following two magic items from Arden Vul....

Theodorus’s Chair of Great Ease: This useful item takes the form of a miniature, overstuffed armchair. When the command word (‘sit’ in Archontean) is uttered, the chair grows to a full-size, comfortable leather chair. As a bonus, one can always find 2d6-1 gp under the cushion once per day. Experience Point Value: 1,000 G. P. Value: 5,000 Location: 3-66, 4-187.

Theodorus’s Bed of Convenient Respite: Another of Theorodus’s series of miniaturized useful items, this object typically appears as a 3”-long sleigh bed with comfortable bedclothes. When the command word is spoken (‘sleep’ in Archontean) it transforms into a full sized bed that is as comfortable as it looks. As a bonus, the sheets are always clean each time the bed is used. Experience Point Value: 500 G. P. Value: 2,500 Location: 2-69, 7-122.

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