Thursday, February 9, 2017

Advanced Adventures Bundle of Holding

I'm happy to announce that 14 of my Advanced Adventures have been grouped into a single Bundle of Holding with a (currently) starting price of only about $16 for all 14. That's a damn good deal. It's even better when you know that 10% of all sales (after fees) are going to Reading is Fundamental. That's a charity well worth supporting - putting an average of 4 million free books into the hands of our kiddos.

The adventures have been grouped so that you could take a PC from 1st level to about name level, if you managed to survive all the way, of course. So you should check this out, even if you've already gotten several of the modules in the bundle already, the price is well worth the rest. And well, if you're like one of my customers who already owned all of 'em, you could just decide to donate to RIF anyway - I thought it was awesome that he did so!

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