Friday, November 11, 2016

Enough Thinking - More Doing - Call for Manuscripts

We all have gone through a tough few days. After thinking and thinking (and thinking some more) the time's come for doing. What am I going to do? I'm going to keep on voting, donating to charity, and working for a more-equitable America. To do this, I'm going to focus more on work than I have been lately.

Lately, I've been focusing on my health. I've lost 30 lbs. this year, I've gained many lbs. of muscle (I'm nearing the strongest I've ever been), and I'm exercising for 80 minutes 3-times a week. I've been kicking the ass of the health baddie, but it's come at a cost regarding my business productivity. I'm gonna have to kick that up a notch while maintaining my health-centered focus. I've got a lot of weight yet to lose, and I'm going to do it, but I need to start kicking more than just my fat butt.

With that in mind, this is just a public announcement that I'm going to be more busy. I'm *always* looking for manuscripts (for Advanced Adventures or 1 on 1 Adventures). If you've a manuscript, I'll take a look.

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