Monday, August 31, 2015

Trolls and Pain

Pain is our body’s way of saying, “Stop it, ya idjit!” If the pain’s bad enough our body just goes ahead and says, “Nope, you’re gonna stop doing that now.” We’ve evolved that response to keep us from damaging ourselves to much. Trolls don’t feel pain like this in my gaming world. They receive the information more like how we process non-extreme temperature, pressure, or texture—information that we can consciously process and that which won’t autonomously override our conscious decisions.

Trolls only feel pain like we do when exposed to acid or fire. And when that happens, they really *feel* it and their bodies often decide, “That’s enough, we’re leaving,” and takes over, causing them to flee even when their conscious brain want to attack. In my games, trolls attacked with acid or fire have to make a morale check or flee immediately. They’ll return in a few minutes, of  course, but it may be enough time to better prepare.

Illo is of a painted mini from Otherworld Miniatures. They make some cool stuff, IMO.

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