Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I have a favorite Island...and yeah, that's probably a bit strange.

One of my pastimes is looking at maps. I really enjoy the process of transitioning an image on a page or a computer screen into a mental-landscape based upon what I'm seeing. I've always enjoyed this. As a youngster, I'd spend hours with a world atlas, just putzing around, enjoying the shape-ed-ness of the world.

This of course, means I have a favorite island: Sulawesi.

I love it because it's just so... improbable. It's like a giant drunken lower-case "k" that's just about to fall down. It's shape is something that, were I to see it in a fantasy map, I'd roll my eyes a bit at. It's the world's 11th largest island (about 90% the size of Great Britain), but I imagine that most people have never heard of it.

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