Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My New Social Media Policy

So here's my decision to try and improve my online social experience. I'm going to relate to everyone in a sincere, kind, and conscientious manner from here on out. If I find myself undesirous to relate to someone in that manner (because I'd rather just verbally smack at them), they'll get uncircled and/or blocked (after I've felt that need several times).

If any of you find me being a jerk online from here on out, please just point it out to me and remind me that I want to be better than that. My e-mail is josephbrowning@gmail.com

I've just gotten out of good conservation with someone that I disagree with and am enjoying this feeling of having a conversation with differing opinions without the desire to smack the other person. I'm going to aim for that experience in my online social world. I'm done with the the other.

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