Saturday, December 21, 2013

Classified is for sale!

I'm done editing Classified. Since I'd promised a release by Christmas of this year, I've put the core rules up at Lulu until Jan 1, 2014. After that, it'll go away until I've finished Operation Rogue Lion (and perhaps even The Bucharest Libretto) and send it through the chain. I really don't want to disappoint those of you who were hoping for a spytastic holiday, but I'm not yet ready for a full release of the game without any supporting missions. I hope you all understand.

So with that in mind, I'd like everyone to welcome the first spy retro-clone into the warm embrace of the OSR...

Don't forget the awesome 40% off coupon at lulu (LULUEMP2013) while you're there, that'll turn the $30 Classified into only $18. And think about picking up our other stuff (including the exclusive Advanced Adventures Compendium Three) while you're shopping.

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