Sunday, July 1, 2012

OSR Calendar Kickstarter Started!

Ok, ladies and gents, I've thrown my hat into the Kickstarter ring with a different kind of rpg-gaming-related project -the 2013 Old-School Renaissance Calendar!

I've spoken about this before and am going ahead with the project. It is a 12-month calendar that will have 12 brand-new OSR illustrations from artists involved in the OSR. Also the calendar will have dates of when OSR material was published as well as dates on when some of the important original material was published. Finally, I'm offering those who wish a chance to immortalize themselves or their games on the calendar by including a specific date of their choice - such as birthdays, fantasy holidays, etc...

I think the calendar will be a cool thing to hang on the wall, and I hope everyone else thinks the same. For a full-sized sample of what January will look like (sans-illustration of course) click here.

For this to be successful, I'll need your help. Please tell your gamer friends about it and lets get an OSR calender ready for the new year!

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