Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Goremont Grim

So I've decided to finally start fleshing out my home-grown megadungeon called The Goremont Grim. Below is a bit of info about it. I don't expect to publish this and am doing it as a hobbyist and not a publisher. Putting the heart before the head, so to speak. I just did the first small map and am quiet pleased so far.

The Goremont Grim is an ancient portal between dimensions, universes, and planes. In the beginning, when the first split in reality occurred, the Grim was created to facilitate travel between the two new realms. When reality split again, the Grim expanded, and at each successive split the Grim grew larger and more complex. After millennia, the Grim became a pocket dimension with links to all of the other dimensions. Much later after that, the Grim gained sentience (of a sorts) and started to learn from those that passed through it. Eventually the Grim gained its freedom from its masters and became fully autonomous.

The goal of the Grim, or even if it has one, is unknown. Some speculate that it seeks dominion over the multi-verse, others that it seeks only death from a senseless and eternal existence.

Entrances and exits into the Goremont Grim are called Holes. Holes are just that, large excavated cylinders featuring a spiraling staircase on the outside wall leading to a single passageway at the bottom. Holes can be wide and deep or narrow and deep, but they are always at least 100 feet in depth and of distinctive and unique construction. One cannot mistake a Hole for anything but a Hole. The many different types of Holes are described below. Alternate names as used by walkers are in parenthesis.

  1. Holes: These are the base variety. They freely allow inward and outward movement of all things. (Maws, Pits, Killer Holes)
  2. Living Holes: These Holes allow only living tissue to move inward and outward. All non-living material cannot enter or leave. (Naked Holes)
  3. Dead Holes: These Holes allow only non-living tissue and non-organic materials to move inwards and outward. (Worthless Holes)
  4. Preservation Holes: These Holes allow only “appropriate” inorganic materials to pass outward from the Grim. Appropriate is determined by the homeworld in question, preventing technologically advanced materials (be that science or magic) from moving from the Grim into the homeworld. (Son-of-a-Bitch Holes)
  5. Aligned Holes: These Holes freely allow inward movement, but prevent outward movement of creatures based upon alignment. (Lucky Holes)

Regardless the type, all Holes feature a long passageway (typically of at least a mile’s length) that serves as the physical connector between the Grim and the Hole’s homeworld. These long passages serve as warnings to the weak of heart, allowing them time to turn back, if such is possible based upon the nature of the Hole in question.

Holes do not consistently connect to the same area within the Grim. Instead, they connect to any of several consistent entry points. Generally, the Grim places a walker or group of walkers in an area of the Grim of lesser or commensurate power, but relying up that is probably not an assumption of the wise.

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