Monday, February 6, 2012

Call for Manuscripts!

Alrighty all, I've just started the layout process on Advanced Adventures #25: Beneath the Heart of Empire and I'm out of manuscripts. I'll probably write two OSRIC adventures this year as I have two cool ideas I'd like to explore, but after that I need more manuscripts!

So here's where you come in. I'm accepting manuscripts for OSRIC/1e gaming. I'm looking for between 8k and 12k words, and I pay $0.01 per word upon acceptance for all rights. I hope that everyone knows that when you go with XRP, we're going to put out a good final product that proudly stands next to all the other Advanced Adventures.

Going the way it's going, it looks like the AA line will come to an end mid 2012 unless I get some new manuscripts. Contact me at

Also, although not old-school, I'm also looking for some 1on1 adventure manuscripts for Pathfinder. The details are the same, but the word count in more flexible towards the upper end given the length of stat blocks.

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